About us


Upou.org is a free initiative for the promotion of open universities and distance learning and is supported by a worldwide community of scientists. We are convinced that the concept of training through a correspondence course and the possibilities of online learning can make a major contribution to education. In this case a factor of education is a fundamental importance in the world to deal with crises.

Therefore, we want to inform on these pages about distance learning and create a framework in which all the world’s open universities are presented.

The website of upou.org is currently implemented in several steps:

  1. Extension of the presentation of open universities worldwide
  2. News about distance learning

Are you a representative of a distance learning university?

If you are not yet presented here, please contact us: mail@upou.org

Our Board:
Janne van Kinschot, Netherlands
Arvid Garnaut, Australia
Maleen Yoonprayong, Thailand
Horst Olbrich, Germany
Tara Vidanapathirana, Sri Lanka
Jay Ng’ingo, Tanzania

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