Open Universities


The UP Open University offers the following degree programs:

Undergraduate program

Associate in Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS)

Post-baccalaureate Diploma programs

Diploma in Social Work

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Research and Development Management

Diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Management

Diploma in Science Teaching

Diploma in Mathematics Teaching

Diploma in Language and Literacy Education

Diploma in Social Studies Education

Master's programs

Master in Social Work

Master of Development Communication

Master of Distance Education

Master of Public Health

Master in Hospital Administration

Master of Arts in Nursing

Master of Public Management

Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management

Master of Arts in Education (Language and Literacy Education)

Master of Arts in Education (Social Studies)

Master in Information Systems

Doctoral program

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Mathematics Education) Nonformal courses and certificate programs, namely:

Online Teaching and Learning
Certificate in Barangay Administration
Professional Teaching Certification Program
m-learning program