Open Universities

Open universities are universities that have a less formal structure than traditional universities. They are also known for open-door entry policies, where no particular academic qualifications are needed for entry into degree granting or other academic enrichment programs.

Therefore, open universities attract and are ideal for students who are older or who wish to achieve advanced degrees while continuing their careers. They are ideal for continuing education that is either desired or required to advance within a profession or specialty.

Programs offered by open universities include distance or online learning, correspondence courses, a combination of on-site lectures and distance learning, as well as degree programs which grant credit for life experience including work experience.

Open universities are found throughout the world, and programs offered range from technical training to advanced degrees in commerce, finance and even law. While open universities are usually private institutions, they offer instruction at prices that tend to be far lower than those of even some public institutions which offer similar courses. Degrees granted by open universities are often well respected in the workplace because they show the graduate’s commitment to obtaining further knowledge and training while remaining committed to his or her career.