Education Jobs

Education travel has opened up a literal world of job possibilities for young people, as well as for academic lecturers and others who are experts on a particular subject, place or cultural phenomenon. Education travel jobs can be as simple as a position as an educational tour organizer for teenagers, who is usually an older student with an interest in the theme of the tour, or they can include lecturer positions that are set aside for top professors. These top experts are the main draw for premier educational tours that cover the subject matter for which they have earned expert status.

Finding education travel jobs is not even an issue for senior experts in popular fields – because the jobs find them. They are often approached by tour organizers who know that these experts will attract participants who may have read their books or heard their lectures.

Education travel jobs are often sought by less experienced academicians or other experts who want to gain recognition. Their compensation may consist of little more than free room and board during the trip, and mention of their names in related advertising material.

Students and others who work as tour counselors usually also receive only a minimal stipend that may cover some of the cost of airfare, as well as free room and board. Most such education travel jobs are reserved for former participants in educational tours who are known to and respected by the organizers, especially when the tours are sponsored by universities.