Hong Kong

The Open University of Hong Kong combines on site classes and instruction at their campuses with online and other distance education programs. Indeed, it is a combination of a traditional university with an open university, and therefore offers traditional on-site courses open only to secondary school graduates or undergraduate degree holders as well as open courses via distance learning that do not require any particular prior background.

As an open university, the Open University of Hong Kong offers everything from basic Chinese and English for non-native speakers to doctorates in education and business administration, all conducted via online distance learning. The university’s site even offers enrichment courses and lectures that can be viewed free of charge. These free video courses do not offer any type of university or professional credit, but they do give prospective students and the general public an idea of what distance learning can offer.

Distance and traditional programs are offered in engineering, law, business administration, psychology, languages, nursing, accounting, education and law enforcement among other fields of study. In addition an innovative General Studies program is offered in which students can design their own learning program even at a degree level.

Since the Open University of Hong Kong is a Hong Kong Government University, its degrees are recognized by employers in Hong Kong as well as internationally. Therefore, the education offered is indeed rigorous and comprehensive, and it draws upon the educational philosophy of the open university combined with the flexibility of distance learning.