Languages Online

Education languages online do not only include English and other worldwide languages. Online courses are offered throughout the world, in every subject, and these are taught in local languages as well as in major international languages. Indeed, while English is the main language of the Internet, no language is neglected thanks to the easy availability of Internet technology that is spreading to even the most remote parts of the world.

Of course, foreign language instruction and related cultural exchange is still the most common program offered in less common education languages online. However, other courses of theoretical and practical education are available in many languages, for all purposes and at all levels.

A student who wishes to increase his knowledge of business theory can find a course of study that is administered in Hausa, if that is the language with which he feels most comfortable. It may be one he puts together himself with the help of a Hausa speaking business professor, and it may be only for his own edification as he learns to run the family farm with which he will soon be entrusted, but still, it will serve his purposes. An Armenian student who is indeed studying in an intensive MBA course online may be doing so in English, but the course may well include review sessions with local experts in Yerevan which are conducted in her native tongue.

While one of the effects of the growth of the Internet is indeed the global spread of the English language, it also preserves local languages and cultures by allowing interactive instruction in any subject that is guided by local instructors who speak that language.