Sri Lanka

The Open University of Sri Lanka was founded and opened thirty years ago by the Government of Sri Lanka as a „university without walls“ that is committed to excellence in open and distance learning for students from all backgrounds and walks of life. Offering programs from certificate to doctorate level, the Open University of Sri Lanka offers courses and degrees in the most popular and desired fields including law, finance and even nursing.

The main faculties of the Open University of Sri Lanka are education, engineering, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, postgraduate English language, and environmental studies. Each offers challenging and practical programs in major aspects of its specific field, such as early childhood education, legal study, health sciences and various courses designed to improve proficiency in spoken and written English. All professional study programs are duly accredited so that graduates can pass licensing and other exams and begin practicing their selected professions upon graduation.

Academic staff members of the Open University of Sri Lanka have attained advanced degrees from international universities and are considered experts in their fields and in imparting their knowledge to their students using distance learning methods. The University maintains an extensive online library that is open to its distance learning students, and it recruits students through seminars that are held throughout Sri Lanka.

Open University of Sri Lanka graduates and continuing education students obtain a solid education that prepares them for the careers of their choice, while they take advantage of the convenience of distance learning.