Education does not only mean schooling via traditional methods. As Albert Einstein said: „Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.“ Oftentimes, that which we learn via non-traditional methods, be it through life’s experiences, through independent study, or through using new methods of learning that have been made possible by the Internet and other technology is what stays with us throughout our lives. On the other hand, that which was drilled into us by rote and enforced by examinations is often forgotten and dismissed the day after the final examination in that subject.

Real education means practical education, or training that lets people obtain the latest information that they need to succeed in their careers – or in day to day life itself. Furthering one’s level of practical education is often done voluntarily, though it could be required by an employer or professional organization in order to advance in a career or profession. While at times practical education does occur in the classroom, it usually combines life experiences with non-traditional education to really impart practical knowledge. Today, the Internet or computer is often the focal point for successful and up to date real-world education.