Education Games for Wii and Nintendo

Education games for Wii and Nintendo DS start with simple games for the youngest children, and include vocabulary, mathematics and general knowledge games that keep children enchanted and focused for hours on end.

Offerings for the youngest children include a virtual story book for the Wii platform, while a virtual tutor cartridge for pre-kindergarten to kindergarten students is popular among the youngest Nintendo DS fans. While at present more games are available for the Nintendo DS, Wii users can still find suitable education games. One popular Wii games older children is the Big Brain Academy, which is focused on general knowledge. Nintendo DS users can even learn Japanese on their consoles. Such educational offerings for the Nintendo DS attract adults as well as children. With the increasing popularity of the Wii console, it can only be expected that Nintendo and independent developers will soon offer more and more education games for the newer Wii platform.

The Wii and Nintendo DS systems, with their advanced graphics and interactive capabilities, are ideal for education games, and indeed the variety of education games for both systems is expected to continue to widen as developers realize that education is a valuable niche for computer games.