MBA Programs

MBA programs are offered by private and public universities throughout the world, and non-traditional institutions such as open universities also now offer MBA programs. While the course of study for a general MBA degree might not vary much between institutions of a similar level and type, there are many specialized MBA programs available.

For instance, an executive MBA is offered to executives who continue to hold their positions while studying according to a convenient schedule which may include distance learning. For that matter, MBA programs are offered that rely almost entirely on online and distance instruction. In addition, international MBA programs which are offered by top globally recognized universities are especially valued today. Programs for students who will pursue public service careers are also available.

There are MBA programs available for practically any student who seeks to earn an MBA. Traditional programs that require a bachelor’s degree and perhaps work experience are still seen as the norm. Nevertheless, many a quality program is offered that accepts students who do not have traditional backgrounds, and the graduates of these programs indeed do find that their knowledge and earning power has increased after they complete their non-traditional MBA programs.